You’re in luck if you’re a property owner in Orangeburg, SC and you need a fence installed. Dubya Fence Co is one of the best fence businesses in Orangeburg, SC. We’re a local fence company that you can trust for all of your fencing needs.


Let’s take a deeper look at why Dubya Fence Co would be the best option for your next Orangeburg, SC fence job for your home or property.


Choosing a Local Fence Company in Orangeburg, South Carolina

To begin with, we understand that it makes sense to work with a fence company in your local area. Orangeburg, South Carolina residents are proud of their region and it goes without saying, we support our local companies whenever possible, too. Because we’re right here in your own community, we’re invested in your needs and take pride in serving the Orangeburg and surrounding area with the best in high-quality fencing services. Our company is right here – serving the Orangeburg, SC community and the surrounding area with high-quality fencing services.

Orangeburg, South Carolina and their Top-Rated Fence Companies

Working with a top-rated fence provider in the Orangeburg area is a priority, too. Property fences are an important investment and to get the job done well, you deserve to have the best in service with experts in the field. Of course you want it, but do you know why it’s very important? Here are a few of the top reasons that hiring a top-notch company matters a lot:


  • Fencing Contractor Reliability
    Sadly, we often hear horrible stories from other Orangeburg, SC residents about times they hired a low-bid fence company. In many situations, they had a less-than-pleasant encounter, to say the least. Not only were they unhappy with the work they received, but some customers never even received the fence they paid for because the contractor skipped town after receiving their check!
  • A Fence Company That Uses Quality Fencing Materials
    At Dubya Fence Company, we only use high-quality fence materials because we care about your property and we value our reputation in the community. The difference between material quality can be huge. When we install your fence, you’ll find that it won’t warp, twist, bow, droop or fall over like some other poorly made fences do.
  • A Company That Backs You Up
    After your fence is installed, you shouldn’t need any further repairs or assistance, however, in the off chance you do, we’re here for you! With our one year workmanship warranty for all of our fence installations through the Orangeburg, South Carolina and all the surrounding region, give us a call for any support you need. 


Installation of a Variety of Fences in Orangeburg, South Carolina

For installation of a wide variety of types of fences in and around Orangeburg, South Carolina, contact us! We will help you with your residential fencing needs of every major type and purpose. We handle it all!


  • Chain Link Fences in Orangeburg, SC
    Chain link is a very popular choice in and around Orangeburg and has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Now coming in options such as PVC coated and the option to include colored privacy slats, you’ll be surprised at the customization you can have with chain link. Visit our Chain Link page to explore the features and benefits of chain link fencing for South Carolina property owners.


  • Wood Fences in Orangeburg, SC
    Wood fences are another incredibly popular fence material for Orangeburg, SC. With the variety of styles you can choose from, wood fencing is a great option for all kinds of properties. Check out our Wood Fence page on our website for many more details why wood fencing is a great choice for your next fence.
  • Vinyl Fences in Orangeburg, SC
    Vinyl fencing always looks great and lasts a long time without very much maintenance at all. Sometimes it’s called white fence, plastic fence or even PVC fence. Though not as traditional of a look as wood, it can also be customized in style and color. Go to the Vinyl Fencing page on our website for more information on vinyl fencing available in the Orangeburg, SC area.
  • Aluminum Fences in Orangeburg, SC
    For pool fencing and decorative purposes, aluminum fencing is a perfect choice for Orangeburg, SC property owners. Classic and always attractive, aluminum is a tried and true fence material that can be used for almost any property needs. For the full description of what’s available, learn more at the Aluminum Fence webpage .


Connect Here with the Best Orangeburg, South Carolina Fence Company!

The fence experts at Dubya Fence Company are ready and waiting for you to give us a call and let us show you why we are one of Orangeburg, SC’s highest-rated fence companies. Call us at (803) 855-1001 or Contact Us online. As we like to say, there’s no risk or obligation, just good old-fashioned service!