One regular question we hear from many Rowesville, South Carolina residents is, “which type of fence is best?”. To answer this reasonable question, we will cover a few points to help you break down the pros and cons of the available options.


Finding the “Best Fence” for Rowesville, SC Properties

So many things can be meant by “best” depending on your main priorities for your Rowesville, South Carolina property. When you say “best” you could mean strongest, or longest-lasting. Even others may mean “best” to be the most unique design. But no matter what the definition you have, there is a specific answer for you with which fence you should choose for your specific needs and preferences. 


On top of the other features, the price of a fence also matters. Fences can range from various price points depending on the material used, the style and availability and the size. If one fence is only slightly better than another, but the price is much higher, it is important to weigh out what is justifiable for your needs. 


First, determine what your Rowesville area property goals are in order to find the “best” fence for you. Each situation and person has a different list of priorities to determine their answer, so in the end, the “best fence” for each South Carolina property owner is a subjective topic that can only be answered for yourself.


Breaking Down the Types of Fencing That Are Best for Rowesville, SC

Each type of fencing material has its own set of pros and cons.  Understanding the distinctions between each kind of fence is a key component to selecting the best fence for your Rowesville, SC property.


Wood Fence in Rowesville, SC

Wood fence is an excellent way to enhance the natural beauty of your Rowesville, SC property. With such a varying assortment of wood fence designs and styles, you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your own unique style. There are many fence styles like dog-eared, shadow box or scalloped. Though wood fences do need regular maintenance to prevent cracks and warping, they are a great option for personalization since they can be stained or painted to match any color scheme of your home or land. Learn about all of your options and choices by looking into our Wood Fences.

Chain Link Fence in Rowesville, SC

When you look for a fence in the Rowesville, South Carolina area, is your priority practicality and economy? Then you’ve found your match with chain link fencing. Some great features of chain link are low maintenance, strength and affordability. They provide a functional barrier for residential or commercial properties whether with privacy slats or open mesh, and they’re perfect for creating a safe barrier for animals. Our Chain Link Fences  page will give you examples of each type we offer in style and color. 

Vinyl Fence in Rowesville, SC

Vinyl fence is a terrific way to add style to your Rowesville, SC property. Coming in a variety of styles and options, vinyl is a beautiful way to spruce up your property appearance and value and keep your maintenance level low at the same time. Vinyl can be easily cleaned with a quick water hose or even regular household cleaners without causing damage. For more information visit our Vinyl Fences page to read further.

Aluminum Fence in Rowesville, SC

Perfect for a classic style, strength and easy care, aluminum fencing is a wonderful choice. This kind of fencing is popular around pools and many other front and back yards in and around Rowesville. Another great feature is the manufacturer’s warranty that can bring you as the property owner the protection you need for any repairs or replacements. You’ll find a nice range of styles and options in this fencing material, too. Go to our page for Aluminum Fences for all the details. 


Now that we’ve covered the fence types, you can see that the material you choose can vary in many different ways. With each type comes unique benefits — all you need to know is, which one is best for you? As you make our decision, remember that we’re here to help you with your South Carolina property fencing needs!


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