Working with a South Carolina fence company, you want to find one that has benefits in longevity and strength.  Of course, most residents in the Orangeburg area would want to work with a strong local fence company that is dependable. It is more important than ever to make sure you also choose a company that will be there before, during and also after the installation is completed.


With changes in the market all over the country and the rise in prices, too, it’s even more critical for each property owner to take an extra hard look at the South Carolina fence company they are planning to hire. Always look at the details and how it will impact you and your fence project.

Key Features of an Orangeburg Fence Company You Can Trust

With all of the different fence companies in the greater Orangeburg area, it can be questionable to know who to trust. There are a few basic elements of a fence company that make them the most likely choice area residents can depend on.

Company Insured Status

At the most basic level, it’s best to work with a company who is fully insured, not only for their work, but also for their workers as well. A South Carolina fence company who is insured creates a better sense of legitimacy and shows that they aren’t trying to cut corners off the bat.


You can be sure Dubya Fence is insured and covered for all of the work we do in and around Orangeburg, SC.

Warranty Offerings

Not all fence companies offer warranties on their installation work or on the fence itself. A great South Carolina fence company will take enough pride in their work to offer a workmanship warranty on their installation, no matter what, as well as install high quality products that have their own manufacturer warranties. The exception usually comes with wood fences, as the natural material is not usually covered as a product. 


Dubya Fence offers a one year workmanship warranty on every job we complete. In the unlikely chance that there are problems or concerns, we will have it covered!

Has Great Customer Reviews

Always check the reviews! Just like any other business that provides a service, fence companies in Orangeburg, South Carolina receive reviews from their customers for many of their jobs. Check out all the online reviews you can find and even keep an eye out in your neighborhood for fence company badges that’ll show you who installed them. Do a little research of the company website and social media to see what they offer and what they stay involved in in the local community.


Dubya Fence has customer reviews on our website. Check them out and then check out all of the fence types and styles we offer with examples in our photo gallery of completed work and examples on our fence pages for availability. 


Installs a Variety of Quality Fences

A great Orangeburg fence company will offer a variety of fence options in different materials and styles. Though material supply at the moment can be sparse in certain products and colors, a good company will have knowledge of installation for multiple fence types.


Dubya Fence works with installation of wood fence, aluminum fence, chain link fence, and vinyl fence all over Orangeburg and the surrounding area. All of our styles and products are quality and we can help guide you to the right option to fit your needs.


Working With a Great South Carolina Fence Company Is More Important Than Ever

With the rise in cost of materials and the shortage of some fence availability, it’s critical to work with a fence company who will last through the years and be there in the future to uphold their warranties and support you when you need it. 


Fence companies both large and small can be reputable and stable businesses to work with in the Orangeburg area. It’s less about the size of the company and more about the factors they have in place to keep their doors open with quality people, quality materials and a good reputation in the community.


Dubya Fence is a trusted brand you can count on. Our company may be a newer company, but our experience is wide, our completed projects are strong, and we are growing in the Orangeburg area by leaps and bounds. We have the expertise, the talent, and the dedication to provide every customer with the best possible service you’ll find in fencing!

Choose a South Carolina Fence Company like Dubya Fence for Peace of Mind

With many great reviews and years of experience, the professionals at Dubya Fence have taken the steps to ensure you can depend on our service and you will walk away satisfied with your fence in the Orangeburg area. For your fence projects all across South Carolina now and in the future, work with us!

Call and speak with one of our experts at (803) 855-1001 or contact us through our online page. Don’t delay! Reach out today!